Mwafuga High School

Message from the BOG


1. Mr. Julius Maghanga - B.O.G chairperson

2. Mr. Douglas Mwakisaghu – B.O.G Secretary

3. Mr. John Mtuweta Kori – B.O.G Interim chairperson

4. Ms Joyce Mwagonji – B.O.G Member

5. Mr. Osmand Mwaluficho – Member

6. Mr. Richard Mcharo – Member

7. Ms sabinah Maghanga – Member

8. Ms Juliah Mwaviswa – Member

9. Mr. Charles Monikombo –Member

10. Mr. Fredrick Mwawasi – Area chief - Kidaya

11. Mr. Boniface Mwakina – Representative of sponsor (Anglican Church of Kenya- Susu Parish, Taita)

12. Mr. Boniface Wachenje Mwamburi – councilor Chawia / Kishamba Ward


Mwafuga High School offers a multitude of opportunities for all students regardless of their ethnicity, race, social status, religion or creed. Academics and Co-curricular activities remain potential activities which capture the school’s desire for all.

The school is growing in the challenging aforementioned spheres, scooping prizes from District, to Provincial and National Levels. Much regard is placed on its academic endeavours and desire to be among the best district high schools in Kenya.

We aim to provide a protestant education for our students in which Christian values are shared and appreciated by all. Our school offers a secure and caring environment conducive to an all-inclusive learning. Given that it borders Mwafuga Clan shrine (as donors of the land), the spiritual place offers good site for religious study in African Heritage to the extent of hosting international students for both Masters and P.HD studies every year.

We strive to offer quality learning to our students to make them independent and respectable citizens. Students are encouraged to maintain high standards of behaviour. Emphasis is put on awareness of moral and social issues, alongside politics of the land and economic factors.

In our endeavour to be at par with the challenges of the 21st century, we encourage national and international awareness as well as cultural exchange to develop students who recognize themselves as potential material of a cohesive nation that requires their talents to develop. It is through these features that we make it our moral obligation to welcome YOU to navigate our website and also, harbouring flexibility within our lifestyle for the better, we welcome your views, comments and ideas which can possibly build our school to the better!


 Mr. John Mtuweta Kori – B.O.G Interim chairperson

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