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Mwafuga High School is in Chawia Zone of Mwatate Division, Taita District. It is located about 12 kilometres south-west of Wundanyi town off Wundanyi-Mreshinyi murram road.

It borders Ngerenyi Youth Polytechnic and is a short distance from Taita Agricultural Training Centre. It is situated in a 3.2 acres area of land.

The school was started way back in 1970 as a nursery school (kindergarten).

In 1979, local community came up with an idea that the school should be converted into a secondary school in order to provide secondary education to local children who would not be able to get form one admission to boarding schools in the District.

The first head-teacher was the late Mr. Hajinson Malogho Ngomenyi. It was registered as a self-help Project! In 1981, it admitted 40 students both boys and girls.

In 2007, the school admitted 180 students of which 80 were boys and 100 were girls having only one stream in place.

However, this year 2008, when Mr Douglas Mwakisaghu took over the reigns of the school as the principal, the student enrolment went up to 258! With strained facilities, the school established a second stream (i.e. a second classroom for form one).

The number of teaching staff increased from six to eleven having got two teachers from Teachers Service Commission adding to the four employed by the school Board of Governors (B.O.G).
The school offers the compulsory and optional subjects as stipulated by the Ministry of Education (MoE) namely Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History and Government, Geography, Christian Religious Education, Agriculture, Business Studies and Physical Education. 

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